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Benefits of Buying a Used vs. New Trailer

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Should you buy a used or new RV? There are pros and cons to both. To decide which option is best for your family, take a look at how buying a used trailer compares to buying a new one.

New trailers are covered by warranty

One of the biggest benefits of buying any new vehicle — whether a car or an RV — is the warranty. For at least the first year of ownership, repairs for manufacturer defects are covered. The length of the warranty varies depending on the manufacturer, so if this is an important factor in your purchase decision, make sure to shop across brands to find out which one offers the most coverage. Jayco has some of the best warranties in the business — a two-year limited warranty and a three-year structural warranty.

Note that you can still get extended warranties on used trailers, but these are typically not as good as the factory-backed warranties. Nonetheless, trailer warranties tend to be shorter than those for cars, many running out after only a single camping season. If you plan to own your RV for longer than that, then having a good warranty may ultimately be of little consequence.

Used trailers are more affordable

As usual, buying anything used tends to be more affordable. Most RVs are expensive, meaning there’s plenty of room to find savings somewhere — savings that can then be applied toward a more exciting camping trip. Buying a used trailer can either help you save money or make it easier to fit a feature-rich unit in your budget.

That being said, investing in a new RV with the latest amenities can also go a long way toward making all of your future camping trips more enjoyable. It all depends on your finances and what you are looking for in an RV.

New trailers are easier to finance

While used trailers are typically more affordable, new trailers are easier to finance thanks to a variety of incentives like lower down payment requirements, longer loan terms, and even lower interest rates. Some of these things will make you spend more over time but make the monthly payments a little easier to manage. Regardless, buying new gives you more flexible financing options, which can be an advantage.

Used trailers are ideal for renovation

If your want to buy a unit that will serve as the foundation for your dream trailer and then renovate it, buying used can be tremendously advantageous. It’s simply not financially smart to buy a brand-new trailer only to strip it down and rebuild it with custom parts. By buying used, you can save a lot of money you can then invest in an even better build.

New trailers are favored at campgrounds

Before you buy a new or used trailer, try to get a sense of the campgrounds you will want to visit. Though this is not the case for all campgrounds, a notable number deny reservations for older RVs. The cutoff is typically at 10 years, and it is commonly in place to make the campground look nicer and has been criticized by used RV owners. If you like to regularly frequent a campground that has such a rule in place, you may want to limit your search for either new or near-new trailers.

Both types of trailers may have the features you want

Though new trailers have the latest features, those may not be the features you want. Depending on your goals and desired amenities, you may have a better chance of getting what you seek by shopping for used trailers, particularly if the previous owner added upgrades like solar panels or an entertainment center not offered by any RV manufacturer.


If you still can’t decide whether to buy a new or used trailer, visit RVs of West Texas in Baird, Texas! The best way to decide is to simply check out a few RVs regardless of former ownership and discover if one really speaks to you. Our associates are ready to help guide you through floorplans and answer any questions you may have!

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