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Toy Hauler Features & Benefits | Abilene, TX

Toy Haulers Near Abilene, TX

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If you are considering purchasing your first RV because you love to explore all the great things this continent has to offer, you might want to add a toy hauler to the top of your list. Toy haulers are towable RVs that offer the perfect blend of living space and garage space. This means they offer the luxurious sleeping and dining accommodations of a typical trailer but also leave room to bring along extra gear in the garage space. For more information on toy haulers, contact us at RVs of West Texas near Abilene, TX.

Here are a few reasons you might want a toy hauler as your first RV:

You’re An Adventurer At Heart

If your idea of going camping is more than just sitting around the campfire and making s’mores, you will likely want a toy hauler. You can pack bikes, kayaks, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), paddle boards, snowmobiles, and other outdoor equipment for whatever adventure suits you.

You Like To Bring Your Travels Home With You

If you love to travel to new towns across the U.S. and often fall in love with furniture, art pieces, etc. while out antiquing, toy haulers afford you the space to make that purchase and bring it home with you effortlessly.

You Travel For Work

If you are regularly traveling for work, perhaps as a touring musical artist or just a salesperson, having a combination space that allows you to relax and store your equipment or products takes the stress out of the job.

Your Group Varies

Toy haulers are perfect for solo adventures or adventures with just a few people, giving you the room to carry them and all your action-packed equipment. But if, for a random trip, you want to bring more family and friends, you can instead use the garage space to transport more people, as most toy haulers offer fold-down seating in the garage space. Some garages even offer a separate bathroom and a TV.

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