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At RVs of West Texas, our helpful and friendly service technicians are always here to help you tend to your beloved RV, but there are more than a few things you can do yourself to keep your home-away-from-home in tip-top shape. For starters, you can check out these easy do-it-yourself maintenance tips.

Cover Your Roof

When you’re not zig-zagging the nation in your RV, make sure you’re keeping it properly stored. This means covering the roof. There are a couple of options for proper roof coverage: you can purchase a traditional RV cover (available on Amazon from $150-$600, depending on size) or you can build an RV carport. It might seem like a big investment, but it could potentially save you thousands of dollars in repairs in the long run.

Keep Your Vents Open

While your RV is parked between uses, be sure to leave the air vents open. During the summertime, the temperature inside your RV can reach up to 130 degrees. Such great heat can damage materials and speed up your regular repair schedule. Remembering to open your vents is free and can save you big money moving forward.

Don’t Forget Your Generator

When a generator sits unused for too long, it can break down due to deteriorating gasoline. Running if for a little while it here and there between uses (approximately once every 30 days) can literally “keep your motor running” by preventing carburetor varnish. You don’t want to get caught one thousand miles from home with a faulty generator!

Lubricate Your Siderails

Dry siderails cause rust and corrosion, which can add up to a costly but easily-preventable repair. Lubricating your side rails once a year with a $15 bottle of lubricant is all it takes to keep your rails spiffy and shining.

If you have any questions about how to best care for your RV, don’t hesitate to call our experts at RVs of West Texas. We’re always here to help!

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