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2024 Jayco Pinnacle | Baird, TX

2024 Jayco Pinnacle | Baird, TX

The 2024 Jayco Pinnacle is…well, the pinnacle of its field. It’s the ultimate luxury fifth-wheel, the RV you would want to have if you had to pick any trailer in which to boondock for months at a time. It’s spacious, capacious, modern, and packed with enough amenities that you may start to consider retiring in an RV — if you aren’t already.

Size and floorplans

The 2024 Pinnacle comes with seven diverse floorplans: 32RLTS, 36FBTS, 36KPTS, 36SSWS, 37MDQS, 38FBRK, and 38FLGS. The smallest model is 36 feet, 4 inches long and weighs 13,290 pounds. All the other models are over 40 feet long and weigh upward of 14,000 pounds. Needless to say, this is a big RV that requires a capable towing vehicle. That makes it best suited for extended camping stays and well-practiced drivers with experience towing long trailers. But for what all that size gets you, it’s hard to call it a downside.

Plush accommodations

Depending on floorplan, the Pinnacle sleeps between four and eight people. This might seem low compared to some smaller RV units capable of sleeping 10, or even a dozen. This is because the Pinnacle prioritizes comfort for all. By devoting less space to sleeping accommodations, the Pinnacle can deliver more space and luxury to the people who have the privilege of coming aboard.

For instance, every Jayco Pinnacle has a master bedroom with a king-size bed and a residential quilted bedspread. Every Pinnacle has theater seating. The new 38FBRK has an L-shaped couch, the 38FLGS has a dining table and extensive bathroom countertops, and the majority of floorplans have a kitchen island, fireplace, and walk-in closet. For individuals, couples, or small families, the Pinnacle offers the ultimate camping experience.

Designed for extended stays

The 2024 Jayco Pinnacle is the perfect RV for boondocking or going on long camping trips. First, the basics: With a freshwater tank of 75 gallons, gray water tank of 82.5 gallons, and black tank of 74 gallons, you can camp in the remotest parts of Texas for many days at a time without needing a refill — even weeks, depending on how well you conserve water.

Then, power: with the Overlander EXT Solar Package, the Pinnacle gets six solar panels, 100-amp-per-hour lithium heated batteries, and a 3,000-watt inverter/charger, enough to meet all your energy needs. Then there’s the issue of food. Even if you’re not hunting, the Pinnacle’s large butler pantry — and residential-style, 20-cubic-foot refrigerator — ensure you have plenty of dedicated space to bring all the food you need with you.

Built to last

When you invest in a top-of-the-line RV like the Pinnacle, you expect it to last for many camping seasons. And fortunately, thanks to excellent construction technologies, innovations, and techniques used by Jayco, the Pinnacle is as sturdy as they come. It has the Magnum Truss™ XL6™ Roof System, the strongest tested roof in the industry, backed by a limited lifetime warranty. It has Climate Shield™ zero-degree tested weather protection, a 12-inch structural steel I-beam for tougher towing performance, and an aluminum-framed, vacuum bond-laminated gel-coated fiberglass exterior, including slideouts. In other words, no moisture leaks or other unwanted intrusions. Jayco is so confident in the Pinnacle’s quality that it backs it with an industry-leading 2+3 year limited+structural warranty, plus over a dozen additional warranties from its suppliers, many of them lasting five, seven, or even 25 years.

There’s so much more to say about the 2024 Jayco Pinnacle, from its beautifully styled interior to its residential appliances and cozy bedroom. Visit RVs of West Texas in Baird, Texas, for a closer look at this luxury fifth-wheel RV and to explore its floorplans in person!

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