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JayVoice™ is an innovative voice command system that makes it easier than ever for you to interact with your Jayco RV. Launched at the end of 2021 and offered as standard equipment on new North Point, Pinnacle, and Seismic Alpha models, JayVoice is already elevating the luxury RV experience.

Paired with JAYCOMMAND

JayVoice works through the JAYCOMMAND™ Smart RV system already offered on a wide array of Jayco RVs. This system enables you to turn on the A/C, furnaces, interior and exterior lights, and remotely control a wide variety of other RV functions.

While you use JAYCOMMAND via your phone, you use JayVoice with…well, your voice. Just say the word “Jayco” while inside your RV and the voice receiver on the ceiling will light up, indicating that it is actively listening for a command.

JayVoice recognizes numerous predetermined commands such as “Main A/C,” enabling you to effortlessly adjust system settings without having to move or even take your phone out of your pocket. The clever positioning of the voice receiver unit also ensures that you can use JayVoice from any room inside the RV, not just the living area.

What JayVoice Means for the Future of Jayco

JayVoice is the natural evolution of the JAYCOMMAND system that puts more power in the hands of Jayco owners. First, the system allowed you to monitor and control important RV functions via their smart device. Now, these functions may be controlled with just your voice. For Jayco, this is just the beginning.

“The JayVoice system is something that we have had in the works over the last several years,” said Mike Aplin, Jayco’s director of product development for luxury fifth wheels. “This idea was based off of our customer and dealer feedback...More commands to make this system more scalable are to come in the future.”

Aplin then teased that Jayco has more innovative ideas right around the corner that are simply waiting for the technology to catch up and make them possible. At RVs of West Texas, we can’t wait to see what else Jayco is cooking up.

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