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New 2019 Jayco Custom Frames | Abilene, TX

Jayco RV Custom Frames Near Abilene, TX

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When selecting an RV, it’s important to keep the frame in mind, as everything rests on this foundational component. While some might assume that a vehicle frame is simple in terms of its design, there are many complicated components and minute engineering adjustments that make frames ideal for various types of driving conditions. Jayco offers lightweight, large travel, fifth-wheel, classic C, and classic A-frame designs, among others. Find out which frame is right for your driving needs today.

Lightweight Travel Trailer Frame

Working with the partners at Norco® NextGen frame, Jayco offers a special lightweight frame that meets industry standards for strength-to-weight ratios. Using high-strength and low-alloy steel — as well as an interlocking design — this frame provides great support without adding unnecessary weight. Plus, it’s coated in a special finish to help resist corrosion and to maintain its integrity for years to come.

Large Travel Trailer Frame

The large travel trailer frame design is strong and durable, but — most importantly — it allows for more space. This frame is built using a combination of I-Class cambered I-beams, as well as an integrated A-frame that serves as the main foundation. This design will prevent the hitch from losing integrity under pressure, while the I-beams are closer together than most other designs, so you get better support on the walls.

Jayco RV A-Frame

Fifth-Wheel Frame

The fifth-wheel frame is slightly more complicated, as it uses L-brackets and central I-beams. There are horizontal cross members for added reinforcement, while a 2-foot by 6-foot box tube serves as a perimeter frame to reduce stress.

Class C (Motorhome) Frame

With a precision-designed frame for added comfort and smoothness on the road, the Class C motorhome frame is built on a one-piece frame that’s especially tight-fitting. Trusses are pull-tested for added safety, and there are entry steps secured to the frame so they don’t buckle under the weight. Best of all, the driveshaft is balanced to reduce vibration.

Class A (Motorhome) Frame

Much like the Class C frame, the Class A frame is built for smoothness and durability. This one is just 37 feet in length, and it’s available on models like the Embark diesel pusher. With a shorter, more comfortable design, the Class A frame is ideal for diesel motor-homes.

Contact us at RVs of West Texas near Abilene, TX for more information about what type of frame would suit you best and to see the Jayco Difference today.

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