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New 2019 Jayco Roof Design | Abilene, TX

Jayco RV Roof Features Near Abilene, TX

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The Jayco brand offers among the top RV roofs in the industry, especially when it comes to strength and durability. While some RV drivers might not think much about the quality of the roof over their head, it’s important to have a durable roof design. This not only will protect you if something falls on top of the RV, but it will also be less likely to leak during heavy rains. Roof designs like the Magnum Truss Roof System are among the most durable on the market, and Jayco has the testing to prove it.

Magnum Truss Roof Design

The Magnum Truss Roof System is designed with several special features to ensure that it lasts. For example, it’s screwed — not stapled — to firmly secure components to the main structure. This also reduces the fasteners don’t loosen and puncture the rubber materials used to seal the roof. There’s also a 7-foot header beam that’s much like the load-bearing beams you’ll find in homes. Thick, strong wood is used instead of the flimsier aluminum designs, including 2x2-foot studs to optimize load capacities.

Other features that improve durability include oversize nail plates. These nail plates help to fasten trusses together, and an oversized plate works to create tighter trusses that are less likely to move. Finally, there’s particularly safe wiring thank to the 2x2-foot studs, which are wider and smooth enough to run wiring right along the side. This prevents unnecessary shorts and fraying.

Strength Comparisons

How much stronger is the Jayco than its main competitors? When Jayco researchers put 1,152 pounds on the roof and measured the deflection at the center of the roof, the Jayco design deflected 100 percent more weight than its competitor. When holding 3,456 pounds, the Jayco brand was 800 percent better at deflecting. In a third test, with 4,608 pounds, the Jayco roof deflected weight while the competitor’s roof collapsed. Overall, the Jayco brand roof is an average of 50 percent stronger than the competition.

Stop by RVs of West Texas near Abilene, TX to explore our current inventory of Jayco models and see the Jayco Difference today. We’ll help match you with the right one to suit your needs.

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