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RV Weight Ratings Guide

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Shopping for an RV means running into a lot of terms that you may not be familiar with, particularly when it comes to weight ratings. RV manufacturers use a variety of weight ratings that you should know about so you can confidently purchase the RV that’s right for you and your family.

Unloaded vehicle weight

UVW is the total weight of the RV when it comes out of the factory. This includes engine oil and coolant, a full fuel tank and a full generator fuel tank. It does not include freshwater, dealer-installed accessories or cargo.

Net carrying capacity

NCC is the maximum weight that the RV can carry, and it consists of freshwater, dealer-installed accessories, tools, personal belongings and other items.

Gross vehicle weight rating

GVWR is the RV’s maximum weight limit. Sometimes, you’ll find that GVWR is equal to the sum of UVW and NCC, though it can be higher to allow for a safe margin.

Hitch weight

If you plan on towing your RV, you need to know its HW. Sometimes considered the tongue weight, HW is the amount of the trailer’s weight that is carried on the hitch. Compare the hitch on your vehicle with the trailer you’re interested in to determine if your vehicle can handle the load.

Gross axle weight rating

The maximum weight that every axle assembly can carry is known as GAWR. Even if your RV is under the GVWR, it can still exceed the GAWR depending on how you distribute the load inside of it.

Gross combination weight rating

GCWR is the maximum allowable combined weight of a trailer as well as the tow vehicle. It includes all fluids, cargo and passengers.

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