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Storing Your RV | Abilene, TX

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If you could be out driving your RV year-round, you probably would be. Unfortunately, life isn’t so care-free. When you are not out exploring the great outdoors, it is important to store your RV safely, whether you have a Wildwood, Rockwood, or another high-quality brand. Where are the best places to store your RV?

At home

The most convenient location to store your RV is on your own property. This assumes you have the driveway space or extra land to do so. Never leave your RV parked on the street in front of your house. If you live in the suburbs or are part of an H.O.A., make sure you can store your RV at home before doing so.


Self-storage facilities do more than offer garage storage for all your junk. You can also rent out space meant for the long-term storage of boats, trailers, and RVs. This is an affordable option, but you won’t get any RV-specific services if you go this route.

RV-Specific Storage

Though this option is more expensive than self-storage, you will be treated to some RV-specific amenities. Do your research to find locations near you, and compare prices and services. For example, some RV facilities might offer overhead coverage, which should be at the top of your wish list. Some places even have indoor warehouses to keep your RV out of the elements, though you typically don’t need to worry about snow and ice here in Texas. Some RV-specific storage locations will even winterize your RV or detail it before you pick it up.

Renting It Out

You’ve probably heard of AirBnB, but did you know that some RV owners actually rent out their RVs when they are not in use? If you are looking to make extra money off your RV investment and are comfortable with the idea of it, consider renting yours out. Just make sure to have a very clear contract about payment, usage, etc. Have a lawyer review your proposed contract before having anyone sign it.

Properly storing your RV when you’re not using it means it will be in better condition for use when you’re ready to travel. If you need advice on storing an RV properly, contact RVs of West Texas near Abilene, TX.

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