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The Jayco Wingmate™ App

The Jayco Wingmate™ App | Baird, TX

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Jayco Wingmate™ is a new smartphone app that puts the power of your RV in the palm of your hand. Today, many auto manufacturers are providing smartphone apps that let owners remotely control different features. So Jayco wondered — what about RVs? Well, that app already exists, and it’s known as JAYCOMMAND™. The Jayco Wingmate™ app takes it a step further, adding a whole other level of convenience.

Not only can owners of Jayco RVs utilize the new app, but also anyone taking a camping trip in their RV can use it. Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi of The RV Atlas as well as an in-house Jayco marketing team created content for the app, helping to make Jayco Wingmate™ the perfect companion to novice and veteran RV drivers alike.

Features of the app

So, what does Jayco Wingmate™ do? Via the app, you can quickly access maintenance checklists, how-to tutorials, quick-start videos, campsite recommendations, and checklists for trips and packing. You can also find owner’s manuals for Jayco RVs along with a glossary of useful RV terms. In short, if there’s anything you want to know about RV life, the Jayco Wingmate™ app has got you covered with high-quality and comprehensive information.

Using the app

The app is particularly useful because RVing requires a fair amount of knowledge, which you may not have without the appropriate experience. If you’re heading out on your first RV trip, how do you know what to bring? What to prepare? What to expect? Instead of searching online for answers, you can just use the app.

And, Jayco Wingmate™ ensures that wherever you end up on your adventures, you have a curated repository of useful information right at your fingertips.

The Jayco Wingmate™ app is available in the Google® Play App Store and the Apple® App Store®. Check it out now to take your camping game to the next level.


If you have any RV-related questions that the app cannot answer, don’t hesitate to ask us at RVs of West Texas in Baird, Texas. We’re always happy to help fellow RV drivers or get you started in the camping life.

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